The 14 Best Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Middle school students often write argumentative essays, so they learn how to provide information about one side of an argument effectively. An argumentative paper should simply indicate which side of the problem you support and why. You don’t have to provide your own opinion but rather present facts and evidence. In other words, argumentative writing is about logical reasoning.

If you aren’t given an essay topic, you have a wide variety of ideas to consider. Firstly, think about the topics that you want to study deeply. When you’re interested in a chosen topic, you’ll compete your assignment faster. Once you’ve come up with what you want to write about, you should ask a study question and answer it providing at least three facts that prove your answer to be valid. If you can do this, you can start to work on your paper’s outline or else consider another idea.

The following list of 14 best argumentative essay topics is created to help middle school students get inspired:

  1. Why should children exercise regularly?
  2. How much homework if any should students receive?
  3. What kind of food should school cafeteria sell?
  4. What should students wear at school?
  5. Is it fair to prohibit the use of cell phones at school?
  6. Why should students attend summer courses?
  7. Should children wear seat belts on the bus?
  8. How many pets should a typical household have?
  9. Should children be allowed to drink soda whenever they want?
  10. How many breaks should students have during the school year?
  11. Do video games and movies make children violent?
  12. Should children participate in cultural exchange programs?
  13. Why is it important to learn foreign languages while students are at school?
  14. How can you understand that you truly love somebody?
  15. You can use any of the topics listed above, as they are questions that raise issues. You should pick a side and develop your position. Bear in mind that you should come up with several supportive statements and describe the most important statement first. It’s advisable to write each body paragraph devoted to a single reason that supports your main idea.

    If you still have questions about how to select a good topic for your assignment, you should consult your teacher or go to the library and get an argumentative essay writing manual. After you study this manual, you should be able to compose a strong paper.