Where To Look For A Free Essay: 6 Helpful Suggestions

Free essays or samples can act as writing guides for a student and thus help to complete the assignment quickly and easily. They will act as a guide to the style of writing and the level of quality expected by examiners. Here are important suggestions on finding a free paper.

Where to get the essays:

  1. College websites: College websites are mainly tailored to offer guidance to students in all matters, even in respect to writing essays. Many of the departmental websites not only provide students with free writing advice, but also do they upload sample work for consideration by the students.

  2. Online writing companies: Companies that help students to write assignments also provide free essays to which students can refer when doing assignments on their own. Most of these companies have knowledgeable writers who can draft the work from scratch on different topics. It is thus possible to search and find a paper on your preferred topic. You will need to establish that the company targeted will assist with a free sample once a topic is submitted. Asking is important since many of them charge for the work.

  3. From your examiner: Many students request free papers from their tutors.

  4. Other places: The internet is full of academicians, many of who offer services for non-profit motives. Whether they want to prove their professionalism in a given field or educate masses/specific groups, their work can act as a research reference. You can draw insights and ideas on specific current topics, which you will include in your assignment. One can also consider using a sample from a friend.

  5. Using the essay

  6. Although many academic papers are available from the internet free of charge, the first thing is to consider if it has been written by a knowledgeable person. Reading through the work, you can tell whether it adheres to basic academic guidelines or not. It is also advisable to check the samples against writing guidelines provided by your examiner or college.

  7. The second issue is to determine if it is for direct submission to the tutor/teacher or for acting as a reference when writing your own assignment. If you are intending to submit it in its current state, it is advisable to ensure it is professionally written and original. If it is plagiarized, the examiner will penalize you or reject it all together. Most importantly, it is not advisable to present it as your own since you become prone to copyright infringement. In addition, many companies that provide free essays advise that the work should only be used as samples.

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