List Of Catchy Argumentative Essay Topics About The Death Penalty

Sometimes you hear so much about a single topic through the media, work or at school that you wonder if everything worth saying has already been said. This can make a subject like the death penalty a little difficult to write an argumentative essay for, especially if you are having trouble finding a catchy argumentative essay topic. So we are providing this list of great argumentative essay topics on the death penalty for your consideration. Use them for your own paper or use them as inspiration towards creating a topic all your own:

  1. Do you believe the capital punishment should apply to only cases in which a person would only be facing life imprisonment?
  2. Do you think a prisoner who is facing life should have the choice to be put to death at any point during his incarceration?
  3. What factors have led to some US states making the capital punishment legal while others have opted to make it illegal?
  4. Consider the effects that a legal capital punishment has on a society that has become more violent and in which violence is regularly depicted in the media?
  5. Are some methods of execution more humane than others and do you think that US states should make the more humane methods mandatory?
  6. Do you believe the death penalty will ever be made an illegal form of sentencing in the US or will states continue to make the decision individually?
  7. Should states be held liable and face penalties in cases where a prisoner has been put to death but then later shown to bear innocence through advanced DNA testing?
  8. Is there a statute of limitations that should exist when considering the death penalty in cases where the crime was committed decades ago?
  9. Do you think capital punishment is an ethical for of penalty for crimes under which it is currently considered and applied?
  10. What have recent advancements in DNA testing done in terms to how the public perceives capital punishment?
  11. Should the federal government take a greater stance on pressuring states to end all forms of capital punishment or should states retain the right to make their own laws on this subject?
  12. Do you believe that the world’s major religions should take a greater position in influencing how the capital punishment could or should be used even in countries where religion is separated from politics?

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