How To Find Persuasive Essay Examples For 5th Grade Students

Persuasion is an art that we all need to master. It becomes very important in settling differences between friends, colleagues and in various meetings. Indeed the art of persuasion becomes very important in conflict resolution meetings. This makes it necessary that children are taught how to be persuasive and there is no better place to start than when they are 5th grade students.

5th grade students are no doubt mature enough to engage in persuasive arguments and it is important to teach them how to engage in persuasive arguments and conversations using facts aimed at convincing others to buy into their views and opinion. There is no better way to do this by introducing such students to persuasive essay examples. There are various sources from where you can obtain such essay examples:

  • School library – School administrators have made it a point to include in their libraries outstanding essays written by students. It is also in school libraries where persuasive essays by teachers as examples for benefit of students.
  • Books – Several books are available both in school and public libraries that address the subject of persuasive writing. Such books do not only provide insight into writing techniques used but provide examples as well. It is however important that you restrict yourself to books written by academicians with the necessary knowledge of writing quality books and paper examples applicable to 5th grade students.
  • Internet – The Internet is one place where you are bound to find thousands of persuasive paper examples for students of all grades including 5th grade students. However, not all persuasive paper examples on the Internet are of the same quality. Some are written purely for commercial reasons. It becomes necessary to make user of examples provided by authoritative websites operated by either academic professionals or academic institutions.
  • Local tutor – A local professional tutor is no doubt in a good position to develop great persuasive paper examples for his/her student.

You definitely cannot ignore the benefits that students using persuasive essay examples receive. Not only do they master the necessary skills for writing such essays; they are also able to apply the art learnt in real life situations. Use of essay examples makes it possible for them to establish facts that support their arguments and become persuasive in their arguments both verbally and in writing. In addition, they develop the ability to form and draw conclusions from arguments and conversations they engage in.

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