Development Of Technology

Technology development has been experienced over the years. The pace of development however has not been even. There are many factors that have influenced technology development. Development of technology started long ago and has been there for a long as man can remember. When science was struggling to develop, the pace of technology development was also very slow. As science shaped up, so did the technology. There were new inventions and this enhanced the shape of technology development. New inventions and innovations created a better plat form for better technology development. Those who have been keen on the trend of technology development agree with me that technology developed at a better and enhanced pace as the science grew. Today, however, people can enjoy and make use of the developed technology that is available in the world today. Different regions in the world, however, still enjoy different classes of technology.

Reasons for slow technology development

The pace of technology development has been attributed to by many factors. The major reason for slow technology development is the availability of resources. Both capital and skills largely affect the pace of technology development. Countries like America that enjoy high technology levels and fast paces of technology development have better resources. These countries have also invested a lot in developing he innovation culture. Fabrication tools: In the early days, people lacked the correct fabricating tools. This was the main reason overlying slow pace of technology development in the yester days. During those days, innovations were done on trial and error basis. People did not understand the basic principles overlying technology developments. The basic principles only became clear to them when they tried to explain why and how certain innovations and inventions worked. There was thus need for serious research on the technology principles. This led to growth of science and the there was a better interaction of science and technology development.

The era of fast paced technology development

With the increased understanding of science and basic principles, there was increased development. Basic electrical machines were developed. This made things even easier and there was increase in development. Machines like motors and electrical generators made it easier to manufacture goods in large quantities. The cost of production was reduced and it was easy to maintain consistent quality production of goods. There was also the development of alternative sources of energy. There was continued research that leads to a revolution in the manufacturing industry.

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