How To Come Up With Powerful Argumentative Essay Topics About Food

Eating habits and food are a very trendy issue to write about nowadays. However, some matters are stronger than others; there are way too many points you could include in your essay that the topic election may be troublesome. Here, we recommend some of the most controversial issues about food in our everyday´s life.

  1. If I eat less will I lose weight? This is a wide-spread myth which ends up being absolutely false. Yes, there is a relation between how much you eat and how much weight you gain but eating less does not imply losing weight straightforward. There are other factors involved in the process, such as the type of food you eat, the eating habits, etc.
  2. Is it better to eat more meals per day? Some people prefer having 3 meals per day but there are those who feel like having 5-6 meals instead. Is there any significant difference? Some professionals recommend having more meals per day in order to soften the digestions process. However, it does not work the same way with ever person.
  3. Are there aliments which make me lose weight? There low calories aliments which may help you lose weight if you include them in your regular diet. However, you will not lose weight just because you eat those aliments. It depends on your eating habits, as well.
  4. Going on a vegan diet may be dangerous. Quitting meat has some serious consequences for our health, as we cannot get the proteins that we need exclusively from vegetables. If you go on a vegan diet, you better get well informed about what you are doing so as to avoid any harm to your health.
  5. Why is it so hard not to be overweight? Our body tends to retain fat so that you will have a “backup” in case of shortage. This is reason behind the tendency to be a bit overweight in a regular basis. Besides, the sedentary style of life that we have in Occident contributes drastically to this situation.
  6. How to eat healthy and avoid gaining weight. Having the right eating habits is the key in order to be healthy and fit. We should get information about what to do in order to avoid our bad habits, such as not eating fatty food, not grabbing snacks regularly, etc.
  7. Do vitamins contain calories? No, vitamins do not contain calories. In short, vitamins are molecules our body needs in order to regulate certain processes. However, the body does not get energy from vitamins. In conclusion, they do not contain calories.

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