Dealing With A Classification Essay Example: A Quick Guide

A classification paper will involve sorting objects, people, ideas, emotions, or concepts by their like characteristics. You will be placing the topics into groups and explaining your reasoning for those groups. If you can group objects that seem very different, you can startle and thrill your audience. You will be analyzing your topic choice. These can be fun to write if you get to select your own topic. Some topic ideas might be:

  • Sports teams
  • Singers
  • Actors
  • Newspapers
  • Books
  • Presidents
  • Kings
  • Animals
  • Vocations
  • Cars
  • Locations
  • Dances
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Fish
  • Foods and menus
  • Shoes
  • Designers
  • Once you have picked your topic for your paper, then you will want to begin your outline. When you make your outline, look at the different parts of your paper:

    • Introduction-You will want to introduce the topic by giving some background information, stating your purpose, stating your thesis statement, and providing a hook. You thesis statement can have as many points as you wish, but more than five might confuse your reader. Always start your paper strong and grab your reader.
    • Body Paragraphs-You will have one body paragraph for each main point. You can have more than one paragraph for each point if the topic is extensive. Start each of these paragraphs with a topic sentence, which states the purpose and the approach. You can decide the order of your body paragraphs. Just make sure your method of organization is clear and easy to understand. Comparisons and contrasts are often used in classification essay. They make the subject easy to explain and introduce.
    • Conclusion; You always want to start and finish a paper strong. You will want to do the same in your classification composition. You will summarize your point and restate the thesis. The restatement should be in different words. It is okay to break the sentence into several sentences. Yu also want to include a universal statement in the conclusion.

    When you finish the rough draft of your classification paper, you will then want to proof and to edit it. If you can get help with this, it will be easier. Other things to remember are that you must follow all teacher directions, meet all deadlines, and try to have fun. If you pick a topic you love, then having fun with your classification paper will be easier. Feel free to use one of our suggested topics.

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