Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology is a discipline of psychology that tries or attempts to study various processes that are of the mental nature. These methods include the study of attention. Other processes in the same field are the memory, which tries to explain how memory can be affected by other processes and the causes of poor memory. Problem-solving, and the way people can look at issues affecting them is another component of the study. All these are processes that can affect how humans behave and act in the performance of activities or tasks. The way the humans’ brain is involved in thinking is also another area that is tackled in the field of Cognitive Psychology. It is important to note that other psychological modern studies have incorporated these studies too. They include abnormal, educational and personality psychological studies. Economics is also among them.

Cognitive Psychology: Attention, Memory and Language

Cognitive Psychology studies aspects of attention and the attention paying abilities of individual’s brain. Attention is important in the brain as it helps to avoid overloading. Through attention, one the brain is involved in filtering that which is irrelevant and leaving that which is critical or needed. Information processing for the brain is eased by this filtering of information or content. Focusing on what is critical, vital or significant becomes easy and simple for the human brain. Memory is that which determines the individual’s ability to remember things were seen, felt or learnt. The role of the memory is thus to make one remember the information easily. Forgetting is thus one part of the memory in the human brain. The language, on the other hand, can determine the abilities of individuals to learn. It determines whether one develops learning disabilities or not.

Perception, Thinking and Creativity

Perception is interesting to learn about as it comprises of both the cognitive processes and the physical senses of the individual, for example, the hearing. Smelling, feeling and touching. Perception focuses on the way of interpretation of stimuli by the brain of the humans. It consequently deals with or is about how the behavior of different individuals is affected or influenced by the interpretation. Thinking refers to any ideas in the mind of the individual. It is also about how these thoughts or ideas in the mind are arranged in the brain of the human. Creativity is about the generation or coming up with new ideas that can be helpful or useful in doing things.

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