A List Of Strong Narrative Essay Topics For Primary School

There are several reasons why essays are written. However, there are 3 basic characteristics of the most successful ones. These should be clearly organized, should have a central point and should contain specific details that are relevant to the point. When you are writing a narrative, you are suppose to share a story about yourself, your ideas, opinion or even response to a circumstance.

The aim is to encourage you to use your observation power and creativity to develop stories that capture the imaginations of the reader. It should recount your fictional or personal experience. You can also tell a story based on a real or fictitious experience. There are several ways that you can come up with a good one. Here are ideas on some of the best topics:

  • When I got lost
  • How I won the charity
  • My favorite hobby
  • The day that I will never forget
  • How I saved a road accident victim
  • What I would like to change about myself
  • How I expect to change the world
  • What no one knows apart from me
  • If I could be the president for one day
  • How I improved my grades
  • Why my dad is my hero
  • My most traumatizing experience
  • An encounter with a wild animal
  • My special day in life
  • An animal that I would love to be
  • The job that I hate doing most
  • If I could go back in time
  • A lesson that I will never forget
  • The camping experience that I will never forget
  • The best news that I have ever heard
  • The most difficult decision that I had to make
  • How I won the admiration of my whole school
  • How I stopped robbers
  • My favorite weather story
  • The toy that I love most
  • If I could visit the moon
  • My favorite holiday experience
  • Why my parents were right
  • The year 2030
  • The greatest person I have ever met
  • The greatest invention I have ever seen
  • My most embarrassing moment
  • The hardest thing that I never did
  • If I would be a cat
  • 5 things I would like to change about myself
  • When I was a child

The number of topics for narrative pieces that you can write is almost unlimited.

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