How To Come Up With Innovative Essay Topics In 4 Steps

An innovative topic means something unique and fresh. You cannot write an impressive paper if the title is boring, obsolete, or repetitive. Innovation means doing something out of the ordinary and using your creative juices to come up with a fresh and new idea

Choosing a topic for any written assignment is quite an effort-demanding task. As a writer, throughout my career, I never had trouble in writing about a given topic; however, it gets difficult to assign a precise, unique, and relevant topic to one of my writings. The topic needs to communicate most of the part about your paper and the scope of research. It is supposed to give a clear idea to your readers of what they will find inside your paper. It is useless to write a topic that does not match with the overall content or direction of your paper. Similarly, it will be worthless if the topic talks about only a certain half of your paper and leavers the rest of it.

After years of research and experience with all sorts of academic writing, I have finally devised my own method to come up with innovative topics. You can apply this process to an essay, research paper, blog, article, journal, dissertation, or any piece of written material. Remember that this process involves ideas and tips from experts that I gathered over years

  1. Start by understanding your subject and narrow it down
  2. Brainstorm for a list of possible ideas so that you can come up with fresh ideas to help support your subject. Make sure to delete the first few ideas because everyone will be thinking about it.
  3. Search for available material related to the major arguments you develop for each paper. It is important to have at least three or more supporting points for each major argument in your paper. This helps in increasing authentication of your paper and adds value to your assignment.
  4. Eliminate the ideas you do not need so that you can choose a final topic easily. Delete repetitive sentences, redundant ideas, irrelevant or invalid topics to narrow down your options. If you do not find enough data or major arguments for a certain topic then you should not consider using that as well. Narrow down the list to have your final topic, which is perfect in all manners

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