A List Of Expository Classification Essay Topics For High School

When you have been assigned an expository classification essay for your high school paper, you may be wondering where to start. If you’ve never written this type of writing before, it can be pretty tricky choosing the right topic. Everything rides on getting a great topic because you can’t build a great essay on a weak topic idea. The best place to get started is just to write down ideas from your own experiences.

Characteristics of an expository classification essay

This essay’s purpose is to explain a particular topic in a straightforward and logical manner. It should be a balanced and fair analysis of the subject, based solely on facts. It should be devoid of the writer’s emotions or opinions. Prompts will include the words define, explain, write about and so on. The writer does not formulate an argument or opinion. They just explain facts.

It isn’t as easy to write an expository classification essay as you may think. While the rules are pretty simple, staying within those rules may not be so easy. Consider taking time to do some brainstorming. It will help the creative genius flow.

Best topics for high school students

  1. Compare the entrance requirements at different colleges in your state
  2. Describe the difference between vegetarian, vegan and paleo and other diets
  3. Classify countries in order of educational advantages
  4. Classification of different types of lung cancer
  5. Types of study habits
  6. Stand-up comedians
  7. Educational resources you find online
  8. Drivers
  9. Vacation spots
  10. Video games
  11. YouTube videos
  12. Types of food in the cafeteria
  13. Ways to save money
  14. Friends
  15. Comedy shows on TV

Method for writing your paper

Knowing some steps to take in writing your expository classification paper will help the process go along much faster. The first thing is to observe or research the topic you have chosen. If it’s real life people or events, you will need to observe and take notes of all the facts. If it’s a topic you need to look up information for, then you will need to find some good sources and compile your findings.

Research can be done using online resources, libraries and published works such as newspapers. Keep track of all the sources you use in case you need to go back over your references or cite some of them.