The 20 Best Descriptive Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Middle school is a time of change and growth. It is the time when you get to prove that you are no longer a baby and prepare to transition into senior school. It is the time when the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. Whether you are choosing your own descriptive essay topics, or you are a teacher selecting them for your students, I hope that you will find my top 20 subjects useful.

  1. Life in the 22nd Century. Imagine that you found yourself in parallel, futuristic world. Describe your house, your family car; your friends.
  2. Embrace your differences. Think about your eccentric aunt, or the geeky kid next door. What sets them apart from the crowd? Describe them in detail and compare them to yourself.
  3. Everyone needs a little sunshine! It’s that time of year when everyone is starting to think about their next vacation. Think back to your favorite family vacation and describe it in all of its glorious detail. Make sure you capture the smells, and the tastes too.
  4. Imagine that you wanted a brand new X Box for Christmas, but woke up to find a bunch of board games instead. Describe how you could embrace that initial disappointment and turn it into a positive experience.
  5. Understanding loss. Imagine that your beloved family pet were to suddenly pass away. Describe how you would feel and how your memories of your pet would help you come to terms with your loss.
  6. Understanding the importance of frugality. Imagine that you only had $100 in your wallet and that had to feed and clothe your family for a whole week, but you went and spent it on a trip to the zoo. Describe the consequences of that.
  7. Imagine that your favorite fictional t.v. character were to suddenly come to life. Describe the conversation that you would have with them.
  8. Flashforward to 2016 and America wakes up to the news that it has its first ever female president. Describe how you and your family would feel, and whether this would be a cause for celebration.
  9. Conversations with God. Whether or not you believe in God. Imagine that you dreamed that he spoke to you. Describe the conversation that you would have and how you would use that to help others.
  10. Are tattoos body art, or graffiti? Describe your thoughts on this.
  11. Should men and women be able to play on the same team in professional football? Write an essay for, or against this.
  12. Imagine if instead of the customary bank holidays, the government announced a new national holiday in favor of a celebrity. Which celebrity would you choose and why?
  13. If a man earns more money than his wife, should he reduce his hours to help with the childcare? Discuss.
  14. Imagine that your best friend told you a secret, but you knew that it could have consequences for someone else. Is it right that you keep that secret, or should you tell someone? Explore both sides of the argument.
  15. Learning to share. Imagine that you had been an only child up until now and suddenly your mom and dad announced that they were having a new baby. How would you feel? Would you be happy? How would you welcome the new arrival into your family?
  16. Should carrying donor cards be compulsory?
  17. Should foods that are harmful to children be banned altogether?
  18. Should mobile phones/cell phones be allowed in school?
  19. Should school trips be free for all children?
  20. Should visits to the dentist be banned?

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