A List Of World History Essay Topic Ideas: 20 Great Suggestions

When writing any essay on the topic of world history, there are numerous opportunities available to students to pick great ideas to base their work on. Due to its very nature, and the wide range of time in which history covers, there are numerous different themes and topics which students have available to them. Furthermore, when studying a broad topic, such as world history, as opposed to the history of an individual country, this opens up even more possibilities.

  • Picking a country to study about
  • In order to pick a good title for your piece of work, it is a good idea to first pick a country that you wish to discuss. If you’re currently studying about a particular country, then, of course, you may not need to do this step, as this may already be decided for you. However, if you have more flexibility, then you may wish to pick a country that interests you, or even get an atlas or globe and have a look at a country and random.

  • Narrowing down a particular era
  • Once you have an idea of the country you wish to write about, you will then need to pick a particular era in that country’s history. For example, you may wish to talk about a particular revolution, war, or other event, as well as various important leaders.

The following list should give you some ideas to get you started.

  1. The Napoleonic wars
  2. A case study of Communist leaders in the 20th century
  3. The causes of the American Civil War
  4. An in-depth study of the Russian Revolution
  5. How the Industrial Revolution changed the world
  6. A history Everest and mountaineering
  7. Lesser-known voyages of Christopher Columbus
  8. Who was responsible for the slave trade?
  9. British Royal marriages of the 17th century
  10. A history of the House of Orange in the Netherlands
  11. Hitler’s rise to power in Nazi Germany
  12. Who was responsible for the outbreak of World War I
  13. The origins of the Sino-Japanese war
  14. 10 things the US learned from the Vietnam War
  15. An examination of warfare before and after the Boer war
  16. Compare and contrast air travel in both halves of the 20th century
  17. An in-depth study of Gen Pinochet
  18. The life and times of Che Guevara
  19. Revolutionists in South America during the mid-to late 20th century
  20. The fall of the Ottoman Empire

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