A List Of Informative Essay Topics To Consider

An informative essay, sometimes known as an expository essay, is written to educate people on a certain topic. However like other essays, you do not have to give your opinion or convince someone to do something or change his/her beliefs. It also has to be eye-catching and interesting. Here is a list of different types of informative essay topics to consider.

  1. Understanding how Cholesterol is linked with Heart Diseases
  2. Cholesterol has, for the longest time, been linked with heart diseases. The essay should be about why high level of cholesterol increases the risk of heart diseases, symptoms of high level of cholesterol, how it is treated, drugs used to treat high cholesterol, side-effects of cholesterol lowering drugs as well as foods to be avoided to prevent further intake of cholesterol.

  3. The causes of Global Warming
  4. Global warming is the gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans. This change is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate. This essay should be about the main causes of global warming, its effects on the earth’s climate, and how it can be prevented to stop its harmful effects.

  5. Reducing Carbon Emissions with Alternative Fuels
  6. Discuss about the importance of using environmental friendly materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and substituting them with alternative fuels. Discuss how these gases cause climatic changes and how to reduce them.

  7. The Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet
  8. With the rising health concern about eating animal related-foods, most people now opt for a vegetarian diet. Discuss about the different types of foods included in the vegetarian diet, how it boost one’s body’s health, effects on one’ s immune system as well as overall body performance.

  9. The Importance of Regular Daily Exercise
  10. Let your readers know why regular exercise is important for your health, how it can prevent the risks of heart diseases, how it helps prevent lifestyle diseases e.t.c. Talk about how exercise can be done properly to produce better results.

  11. How to Buy a House
  12. This essay should tell the reader about the process involved when buying a house. How to find a house (sources like online real estate websites), how to choose the best house, and other procedures involved.

  13. How to save money
  14. Discuss about the importance of saving money, how to develop good money saving habits, and different methods to use when saving money.

  15. Understanding the need of hiring qualified contractors
  16. You must inform the readers about the need of hiring qualified contractors for a project. Give reasons why they are in a better position of handling a project and ensuring that is completed on time. Why they enable more cost-saving.

  17. Causes and Effects of Water Pollution
  18. Discuss about some of the main causes of water pollution, its major effects, and how it can be prevented.

  19. Causes of Cancer
  20. List and explain the major causes of cancer, its major effects, drugs used to treat it, side-effects of the drugs, and ways to prevent the risks of getting the disease.