A List Of Compelling Social Psychology Essay Topics

You have dozens of ideas running through your head, but you want your social psychology essay to be the best piece of paper that the professor has ever read. It is certainly possible, especially if you choose from one of the compelling social psychology essay topics that I have listed for you below:

  • Altruism: Are there ever occurrences of truly genuine altruistic acts? Consider discussing the differences between altruism and pro-social behaviour.
  • The Bystander Effect: What exactly is it? How can the effects of it be decreased? In which situations is it most likely to occur?
  • Attitude changing programs: To determine how successful these programs are, which factors are considered? Use research evidence and describe theoretical bases. Include some examples from programs such as campaigns for drunk driving, safe sex, or quitting smoking.
  • Career status: Is there a relationship between social status and career status? Which careers are considered to be "low status" and why is this?
  • Attractiveness: Why are some people more attractive than others? Including good looks, what are the other factors that make a person attractive?
  • Affluenza: What is it? What are the socio-psychological effects and risks that are associated with it?
  • Culture shock: How is culture shock defined? When it is most likely to happen? Is there advice that can be given to people who are being immersed in cultures that are new to them to help them deal with the shock and acclimatize faster?
  • Being a caregiver: What psychological impacts can be seen in those who provide extended care giving? Consider those who work primarily as live-in providers for the disabled, the ill, elderly people, and children. Gender bias in female promiscuity: Female sexual promiscuity is perceived differently based on gender differences. Why does this occur?
  • Genetic sexual attraction: What are the socio-psychological consequences and causes of genetic sexual attraction between consenting adults who are closely related?
  • Genocide: Which are the most common pre-cursors to genocide? How can this information be used to prevent incidences of genocide in the future?
  • Guilt: What are the different forms of guilt and where does it come from?
  • Immigration: What types of socio-psychological issues and challenges do immigrants face?
  • The stigma of mental illness: Should mental illness be disclosed? What effects will this have on a person's interactions and social status?
  • Prison culture: What types of social orders and social structures evolve amongst prison inmates? Why? Do prison guards have any effect on this?

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