A Manual On Composing An 8-Page Argumentative Essay Outline

As you might already know an argumentative essay requires you to present an original argument on an issue with two or more sides. You present evidence in support of your position and make the case for why you are correct in your views. This kind of writing is quite common throughout your academic life and is usually taught as early as middle school. Creating a great outline before you start writing the first draft is essential. Here’s a manual for composing an outline for an 8-page argumentative essay:

What Goes in the Intro?

There are three major components of a good introduction and you should include each in your outline. Your opening sentence should introduce your topic and written in a way that compels the reader to read your work. There are several different approaches for writing a good hook, so you should try out a few until you identify one that is effective. The second part of your introduction goes into the necessary background of your topic. This may be in the form of history or context to something with which the reader is already familiar. The last part of the introduction is the thesis statement, which should clearly and concisely present your argument.

Organizing the Body Paragraphs

No matter if your essay were 3 pages or 8 pages, all your body paragraphs should be organized in the exact same way. Start with a topic sentence, which signals to the reader what this paragraph will be about. Next, present evidence or an example that supports your central argument. This is followed by two or three sentences where you make sense of what that evidence means. These sentences should be original thoughts and ideas, and not a repetition of your researched material. Lastly, end each body paragraph with a transitional sentence that connects the next topic.

What Goes in the Conclusion?

The conclusion is the last chance to make your essay memorable. There are several techniques for writing a great ending but your paragraph should have at least these elements: first it must summarize your argument and supporting evidence. Rewrite the content you have already used, don’t simply restate your sentences. You should also synthesize the information so that the reader knows how your argument is logical. Lastly, end with a statement that brings about closure to the entire piece.

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