Salvador Dali

Salvador deli was born in 1904 in Fiqueres, Spain, his brother also known as Salvador had passed away nine months earlier of Dali birth date. He used to believe he was the reincarnation of his older brother which is witnessed in themes of his works. Salvador was a surrealist painter who went to drawing school at a young age before joining school of fine art in Madrid where he was expelled for his role in causing unrest. He later went to Paris where he experimented on cubism and joined a surrealist group in Montparnasse. In 1931 he pained the persistence of memory that featured the image melting clock one of his most famous classic surrealist. After the World War 2 he and his wife returned to Paris having escaped to America for eight years, on return to Paris he experimented on different techniques that included the use of optical illusions and visual puns also had a dig in mathematics and science of the DNA structure. Dali died in January of 1989 of heart failure but until today several images of his surrealist paintings like the elephants, egg, locusts, snail among other often appear. At the time of his death Dali had produced about 1500 paintings with other drawings, books, lithographs and sculptures.

Famous paintings

Work that was full of painting among the best and expensive paints include; nude on the plain of Rosas was painted in 1942 it depicts a nude lying from one side, looking at a distance as her hero fades in the horizon. In 1945 he painted a paint called my wife, naked looking at her own body that painting went to be sold in 2000 at $4.76 million. Night specter on the beach it depicts figures that are far away under a sky that is covered by clouds with a man in the foreground gazing at a distance. The honey is sweater than Blood paint painted in 1927 his first surrealist picture that looks to have been destroyed but the paint has a beach and on its background lay rotting donkeys, sleeping heads, decapitated horses, levitating breasts and needles.

Dali theater and museum

The museum evokes the life and memory of Salvador Dali works, located in his hometown, Fiqueres, Catalonia. The museum displays a diverse collection of Dali’s works, several other works by his friends and also works of other artist which Dali collected. In addition to Dali’s paintings there are sculptures, mechanical devices, three dimensional collages, and other curiosities by Dali.

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