Top 20 Easy Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Okay, so maybe you are a teacher of middle school kids and you are absolutely ripping your hair out at the thought of having to come up with some easy essay topics that will not only showcase your student’s abilities but also engage and interest them. No-one ever said that teaching was going to be a walk in the park! One suggestion would be to let the kids choose the topics themselves, but I can see how that is a potential recipe for disaster. Hopefully, my suggestions will help dig you out of trouble:

  • While many kids love a trip to the zoo. The thought of keeping animals in captivity appalls a lot of adults. Are there any merits to zoos? Can they be educational? Or should all animals be kept only in their natural habitat?
  • Is it fair to keep dogs in “crates” or “cages” while the homeowner is at work? Many are quite spacious but are family pets really meant to be confined in this way?
  • What makes for a better pet – a dog or a hamster? Discuss the reasons behind your answer
  • What punishment would be suitable for someone who was found guilty of animal cruelty?
  • Where is your favorite holiday destination and why?
  • Should it be mandatory for all school kids to learn to swim, if so why?
  • Should all kids be taught first aid in school? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this.
  • Should children be punished for dialling 911 for a prank? What are the consequences of doing so?
  • Should parents have the right to impose lifestyle choices such as vegetarianism or veganism on their kids? Or should kids have a right to decide whether or not they want to eat meat?
  • Is it ever okay to say no to your parents? If so, when?
  • Should kids be older before they learn to drive?
  • Should kids have the right to bar irritating siblings from their bedrooms?
  • Is it okay for girls to hold hands with girls and boys to hold hands with boys?
  • Are you ever too old to play in the park? If so, what should be the age restriction?
  • Should caffeine be banned from all soft drinks including coca-cola?
  • Are tattoos a form of art or self-graffiti?
  • Should you kill your turkey if you want to eat it at Thanksgiving?