Where To Go Looking For An Example Of A Compare And Contrast Essay

Comparison and contrast essays deal with how two things are similar as well as how they differ. Luckily for those who want to learn how they are done, this style of essay is in regular use. To start off your journey in writing this way, try the following to locate examples:

Consider listening to live speeches or engaging in them yourself

Speeches are sometimes structured to give listeners an analysis between two things. In such cases you can almost hear the essay in the speech, particularly if the orator is very gifted. Join a group that gives speeches and you will have more opportunities to hear these types of pieces.

Consult your teacher or any other educator

Once a person has been in the field of education for a while, he or she will have amassed a fairly large collection of good essays. You should ask to see some of the best ones in the style that you are interested in.

Request one from your fellow students

Students tend to be more forthcoming with their resources than teachers. You can ask everybody in your class to present you with comparison type papers and even share the ones you have already acquired in exchange. If you are very dedicated, you can even meet up with your classmates to discuss the papers.

Do a web search

The internet is the home of millions of samples of academic content waiting to be discovered. Many of these can be accessed at no charge to you at all and will be of an excellent quality.

Order one from an academic content creation company

If you want to be sure that the sample you use precisely follows all the criteria that have been set out to you, consider ordering one from a writing agency. Make sure that the agency you decide to work with is genuine. There are many companies operating fraudulently and you can lose money by working with them and end up with little or nothing to show for your payments.

Bonus tip:

Try writing as many practice essays as possible. After a while you will get the hang of the basic structure and be able to write well on anything whenever you are asked.

As a student there will always be a period of adjustment as you add new types of writing to your arsenal. Do not get discouraged, you can learn this.