Picking Up Strong Argumentative Essay Topics About Middle Ages

The Middle Ages was a fascinating time of history. Lives were changing all over Europe and around the world as technologies were being developed. The history of the time makes it possible to write strong argumentative essays today. Here are plenty of ideas to help you write about the Middle Ages:

  • What were the consequences of the Hundred Years War?
  • How has Joan of Arc inspired women today?
  • What weaponry from the Middle Ages has had the biggest impact on weaponry today?
  • What has affected modern warfare the most from the Middle Ages? Weapons or infantry?
  • How has gunpowder (which was developed in the Middle Ages) had an impact on social life?
  • What caused the fall of Burgundy?
  • What caused the rise of major cities like Venice, Milan, and London during the Middle Ages?
  • What was the best way for kingdoms to increase their coffers?
  • Why did smaller countries like Poland and Portugal not become as populated as England or France?
  • Were the elderly respected in the Middle Ages?
  • Why were the gentry only in England?
  • Why was life so bad for those in the poor classes in the Middle Ages?
  • Were criminals in the Middle Ages treated better or worse than criminals today?
  • Was there a concept of “childhood” in the Middle Ages? Why?
  • Why were the crusades such an important part of history during the Middle Ages?
  • Were female saints revered in the Middle Ages? Why?
  • How did females become leaders?
  • What options did working women have during the Middle Ages?
  • Why did chivalry develop the way it did during the Middle Ages?
  • What was the role of the Medici during this time and why are they important to know today?
  • What trades were the best options for the working class of the Middle Ages?
  • Why do the Crusades continue to be interesting stories for readers?
  • What was the primary political thought of the day and what remains of it today?
  • Why was marriage considered important during the Middle Ages?
  • What was the relationship between the Jews and the Moors?
  • What was the driving force of the university in the Middle Ages?
  • What was leading urban change during the Middle Ages?
  • What moment had the biggest impact on the Middle Ages?
  • What historical event defines the Middle Ages?
  • Why was witchcraft seen as a bad thing during the Middle Ages?

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